About Us

What would our world be like without music?  Have you ever imagined watching a horror film that moves on without the chilling music that puts us at the edge of our seat? What would it be like if hit songs such as Imagine, What a Wonderful World or even Gangnam Style weren’t even created?  It would be a pretty horrible and empty world.

We are Hellen Mira and Edgar Bonnie. We are aspiring musicians who are set out in making people appreciate music even more. We’re not talking about making people love both the popular and indie music scenes, we’re talking about an appreciation of music as a whole.

This website was created for a long list of reasons; there may even be too many to jot down. The bottom line is, we want to propagate the love for music even more as we believe it needs more support and appreciation than the one it’s already getting. It’s this mission that keeps us going through late night gigs and all-nighters when writing songs.

We both know the struggle of all up and coming musicians. Going through gigs with the fear or possibly not being paid at all. Judgmental eyes, people who aren’t willing to listen to you, and most importantly, the lack of self-confidence. We’ve been through this and we know how hard it is. That’s one of the reasons why this website was created as well; we want to help out these young up and comers, reach the goal that they’ve set for themselves.

As a community, we can all help out each other in pulling out the young musicians from their pits. We could give them tips, give them a little confidence boost, but most importantly, we can give them the support and love they need in their hard times. Through this, we’d all be helping produce some of the best musicians this world has known. Slowly but surely, we’ll be making the world into a more harmonious place.

There’s more to music than just a good tune and meaningful lyrics. It’s a full expression of human emotions. When done properly, music takes us to completely different worlds.

That being said, this website is still small and humble but with your help, it’ll grow even bigger. Now that the foundation has been laid, all that’s left for us to do is to simply begin building a more musically-inclined society from the bottom up.

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